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Kellyville United Methodist Church

The first church in Kellyville Oklahoma was the Methodist Church. Until recently, we believed it was formed in 1908.  However research in 2008 has revealed that it was formed earlier.  This Church appeared as a charge in the apportionment list for 1907 (Methodist Episcopal North, East Oklahoma Mission) as Kellyville Circuit of the Muskogee District, left to be supplied with a pastor.

It was not unusual for a Church to have organized a few years before being assigned a pastor at annual conference.

The story goes that meetings were held in the loft of a livery stable at the current location.   Later the livery was moved and a "church" building was erected. The oldest "Membership Record" we can find was hand written in 1919. 

However records have been located by the OCU archivist (Christina Wolf) showing that the Church was "underway"  and a request for a pastor made for 1907-08.  (1906-07 conference year report. 

The "new work" was cared for by one Bro. Uncapher who indicated they had a membership of 24 and $500 had been raised for a building which was "underway".  This would indicate that the Church was most likely founded in 1906 and the first building completed in 1908.

This structure is still standing as the East half of the present sanctuary. Records are a bit sketchy but the rest of the sanctuary was added in the late 40's, and additions have occured periodically since.

The next addition was one long class room (later divided into two rooms) on the North side of the structure. Other additions in approximate order; the first half of the fellowship hall (and a bathroom) on the West end, three more class rooms and a "ladies" room on the North, then in the early '70's the fellowship hall was doubled in size. In 1992 the latest structure on the West end was added to house three more class rooms and "Love Wraps". (Love Wraps is a free clothing program for the community.)

In 1999 the sanctuary was "gutted" and renovated, inside and out, to "better than original" condition with the exception of the alter rail which was still in "mint condition" from it's origin in 1991. The stained glass windows were added during the 1999 renovation. 

In 2002 a "Vanport"  was added to house our van.

In 2006 a 24 x 24 storage/shop building was constructed to house our lawn equipment and seasonal items.

Also, In 2006, a special donation provided funds to build a picnic pavilion and playground.  The pavilion was completed in 2006 and the playground in 2007.

Our LOVE WRAPS colthing program has continued to grow, so, in 2008 a 1900 sq. ft. building has been constructed on the North West corner of the property to facilitate this program.  This has freed up the original space so it can be used for our youth program.